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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Truly Grateful

I am in love with this set! The fall sets are always my favorite out of the holiday catalogs, and this set is by far my favorite in the last 5+ years!! It's called Truly Grateful and let me just say I am so grateful to the stranger who traded with me at convention.. I just happen to be at the right place a the right time and I overheard her trying to trade hers. I originally won the tags for you stamp set n punch bundle. That's cute too but this is more me :)

This card I (90%) cased from heather Klump.  

Always love making a coordinating envelope too.
This is another Rev up the Fun one I made today too.

Eli enjoyed stamping the car too!

Anyway, I stamped a lot today. Spent some time at the park with Eli and then we went to grab some pizza. On our way we saw a family on the shoulder of the highway changing a tire. The mom was in the back fanning her kid.  I looked on my dash and it said 94.. Fearing that a baby was in the car, I drove to McDs, bought two bottles of water and drove back on the highway.  They were "truly grateful" and said a tow was on its way... Just felt God saying "Holly, they need help, and I choose you". Glad I listened. After pizza, I gave Eli a bath and within 20 minutes of his movie, he was out. (He did miss his nap today). So I edited a photoshoot from last wknd. I'm totally beat! Tmrw is a long day too..

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


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