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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Supermom" Bruschetta

That is the compliment my sister-in-law Nicki gave me... Of course, it was over the fact that I made this dinner a week after having a baby.  My sister Kelly agreed and said she would not be making food like this a week after having her baby... But she totally could!

The thing is, this was THAT easy that even new moms can do it.  Of course, Grandma is here helping out and that is an added bonus, but I'm certain anyone can whip this up really quick.

I purchased a French baguette and some tomatoes from sams club yesterday.  I can't wait til I'm harvesting my own tomatoes!  I used fresh basil from the garden, shredded mozzerella cheese, garlic infused oil and a black fig vinegar (both from a local store in mystic, CT).

First I brushed the bread with garlic olive oil and pressed it in my panini press.

Then I assembled the toppings - tomato (sliced went quicker), cheese and chopped basil.
Made 3 with just cheese for Eli - he's slightly pickier than Drew.

Then I placed them under the broiler at 450 degrees.  I would say this was 3-4 minutes... Long enough where I could clean up pee in the bathroom and console and upset toddler.
This is also when the grandma factor comes in.. She watched the bread! :)

This was so good, my husband who doesn't like tomatoes said "it's good - even with the tomatoes"...
But really, how do you make bruschetta without them? :)

We pair this with marinated flank steak and grilled zucchini. (This was my husband's job.)

Then we ended the night with dessert.  We picked strawberries on Sunday.  I made 7 jars of jam (new moms "can can" too).  The extra berries went towards this :) 

Isn't summertime the best?  :) gardens, grilling and fresh berries! Yummmm!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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