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Saturday, August 23, 2014

A gift for new friends

Our former next door neighors moved out Thursday and to my surprise, the new neighbors were here yesterday morning.  I knew I wanted to make a welcome gift, but thought I had more time than 24 hours! Haha! So since we have more zucchini than I know what to do with, I decided to make chocolate chip streusel zucchini bread. This is by no means healthy! You can find the recipe Here

I'm very excited because they have 3 kids and the youngest is a 3yo old boy.  Eli just turned 3.5 the other week so we are happy! Looks like they'll be playmates! 

I knew I wanted to use the house stamp from the Life's Adventure set.  So after I baked the bread,  I let it cool for a few hours.  At first I colored 5 houses side by side, but that was too big of a tag, and honestly, I didn't like the colors of all 5 houses. Not only did they not coordinate, they looked nothing like the painted lady houses from Full House. That's what I was envisioning I guess :) haha!

So I decided on a single house.  When I went home to my parents last month I found some cool paper in my moms craft room and she was sweet enough to let it go.  I knew it'd look adorable with the bread because it has a newspaper print.  Breakfast food wrapped in newspaper print - sounds like "morning" to me :)

So I cut a piece of thick brown cardstock I had from some packaging and covered the bottom of the loaf. I wrapped it in parchment paper and then the newspaper print. I like the layered look.  I also wanted to make sure to have food safe paper touching the bread.  I dressed it up with some ribbon. I really like the look and almost wanted to wrap our loaf up too just to look at it.  Maybe if it were too pretty to eat, I'd just look and skip the calories! :) 

This seriously is so yummy! The streusel is about an inch thick!

The neighbors loved it though so that made me smile. I love giving and sharing with others. I think that's what it's all about.  And Jesus said--love your neighbor! <3

Thanks for stopping by :) 


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