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Saturday, September 7, 2013


I had my yard sale this morning on the military base. Lots of traffic but no one interested in stamps! I had 55 homemade cards ready to buy too. The girl who set up shop beside me bought two sets for her mom and I gave her a card to send along... But I was so bummed. I had 8 girls sign up for my banner club (that starts in 2 hours!) and only 2 are coming.. So I took along next months spooky banner and the frame I made extra, and no one signed up :( not even for events and info... Had catalogs too.. man, people are missing out on this awesomeness!!  

Oh well...

Cool news is I had a former demo give me a $60 order! So that was awesome! (She knew I was gonna be there...) she used to hold card classes at the base too and had too many girls bail on her. She had to stop being a demo because I that... Oh, to be a successful demonstrator not knowing if you'll be pending this quarter!

Here's my latest card. I made 6 of them last night to sell.

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  1. Too bad you didn't get any card or stamp sales. That is disappointing, but at least you had some signups for your banner class and an order!