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Friday, July 17, 2015

Freestyle Friday - Inspiration from the Sea

We've been living by the beach for a little over 3 weeks now and over the past few days I keep finding purple and white clam shells.  Most of them have been broken pieces that from the back just look dirty and white, but when turned over there is this beautiful ombre look to them. 
(I serve an amazing God who even puts detail in the shells...) :)
These are the shells I'm talking about:
Amazing, right?!
So yesterday while I was at the beach, I found a small broken piece and thought, I need to make a card like this! I love finding inspiration anywhere.
I sponged some watercolor paper - each time I added ink, I sponged the bottom and moved up.
I wanted to add some detail to the sentiment because the card was simple, so I embossed the words in clear emboss powder just to give it some extra shine.
Keep your eyes open - you never know where your inspiration might come from next!
Happy Friday!

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