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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eli turns FOUR!

Our oldest son turned four yesterday and guess who didn't have a card ready to go?! Yep, me... Oh did I feel bad :( my husband told me at the store " you could just buy one... " - don't worry, I gave him the look. Haha! I couldn't NOT make one, so I snuck off to my craft room while he played with his new birthday present.

I used the Dear Heart, Big Day and Balloon Bash stamp sets to make him his card.  I knew making this wouldn't mean much, I'm sure he won't remember it, but when I handed it to him and he looked at it and said "did you make this?", it all mattered <3

It was such a bittersweet day yesterday.  It's hard for me process time - some days it feels like I've been a mom for more than 4 years and other days it feels like it was only yesterday when we brought our sweet Eli home.  

He was a little stubborn but I also know he wasn't ready to grace us with his presence a day earlier.  I was induced on the 9th at 7am and on the 10th at 12:34p, Eli was born.  Yes, 29.5 hours of laying in bed, 2.5hrs pushing... Thanks, kid! :P

He was our Alaska born baby who now lives in Rhode Island.. The biggest to the smallest.  You can say the cold weather is in his blood ;) 

Eli is our world! He made us parents for the first time. He has such a big heart and an infectious smile.  (Those dimples <3)  He loves his cars, planes and trains - McQueen has a special place in his heart.

He loves fishing with his daddy, baking and cooking with momma too, and he loves to sing (current faves are Paw Patrol theme song, Start a Fire by Unspoken and he knows all the words to 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) by Matt Redman).  

He's so smart already that I can only imagine he will go far in life!  He loves to read! Some mornings he when he wakes up before everyone else, I hear him flipping through pages in his reading nook.  He's has my creative bug - loves to stamp and draw.  Seriously, he's been drawing this cat and these smilies for the past 4 months! :) I was so proud the first time he drew this cat! 

He loves Sunday school, preschool, being a big brother, playing outside, picking veggies from our garden and so much more.  He's such a sweet happy kid and we look forward to the year The Lord has in store for us! 

We love you Eli! Thanks for making me a mom!

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