Thursday, December 29, 2011

A fresh start...

Well hello to all of my friends and family - and even some new viewers! As the new year approaches I am starting to think about things I want to get rid of - and Facebook is one of them. Over the last few months I have realized the negativity of people's posts (or rants) and a lot of them involve language I don't care to read or even try to skim over. I also feel like it can be quite the addiction that I have to immediately check my Facebook the very moment I open my eyes.

The reason I wanted a Facebook page was to see pictures of my family and friends and also have them see us and Eli on our adventures. I figure email is just as easy to do to share with others but I have also wanted to have a blog for a long time to post pictures of my hobbies so I thought why not combine the two? So here I am... Expect very little for now since I am on vacation in Minnesota. But when I get back home, I will be posting my crafts, Eli and blogging my foodie adventures :)

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