Saturday, November 15, 2014

Banner Blessings Released!

What a wonderful week this has been! On Tuesday, the wait was over - Stampin' Up! finally released the stamp set that I designed for a contest over a year ago.  I received a prototype at the end of October and they asked if I would make some samples and talk a little about where my inspiration came from.  You can read it here.  And might I just add - God is amazing! The very day this set was released, the verse from my devotion from Our Daily Bread was Phil 2:15!!! One of the stamps verses. :)

Creating these sets was a really different feeling! Every time I'd ink the stamp and put it to paper, seeing it transfer and see MY handwriting and MY drawing... Wow, such a cool feeling.  Hard to describe.  It was a little challenging though coming up with cards without Pinterest or Instagram to give me inspiration :) plus, these were for SU's blog! Talk about pressure!!

Here are the ones I came up with: 

This was the verse that inspired the set: if you want to hear a great song to go with it check out Matt Redman - Shine :)

This was my first and only bokeh card - I can see a lot more being made in the future!

** the trick with the ribbon is to wrap it around a pencil (I used a skinny paintbrush handle) and heat it with the heat gun for 30 seconds.  You have to tape each end first too!**

You can see the little hearts in the stamp from Seasonally Scattered - love it!

And since I couldn't decide which one I liked best, I sent all three colors to SU :) 

Reading the comments, blog posts (some by some pretty well known SU demos!) and seeing the pictures on Pinterest has been so wonderful.  Last night I looked up the hashtag #bannerblessings on IG and got to see the first card made by someone other than SU or me! Thanks Understand_Blue!  

I'm so happy this set was well received.  If it brings even ONE person closer to Jesus, I would be so happy.  I just want this set to touch others!! All glory to God - this is all for Him - not me!

Thank you everyone who voted for my set and waited patiently with me! Can't wait to see what else people come up with!!