Monday, May 26, 2014

Endless birthday wishes Hannah :)

I can't believe my oldest niece is turning 13 next week.. I'm sure it's even more surreal for my sister. She's blossomed into quite a young lady. She would rather be reading or baking than doing anything else. She is definitely a sweetheart.

She's really into owls right now too, but since my mom made her an owl card, I thought I'd go a different route.

This is the new set called endless birthday wishes. It's another polymer set which makes lining words up easy peasy.  I stamped birthday girl to make a background image.

Sorry for the sloppy embossing. My 16 month old is terrified of my heat gun so I had to be fast.

This is a picture of us from 2005. I just graduated from basic training in the Air Force and I was home on leave. **note, she's buckled, but the car never moved** :)

Gosh, we both look so young! And to think I used to be that tan!! 

Anyway, happy birthday Hannah Mae (Maezie!) -- we love you lots! Enjoy the teen years <3

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day... (Mom, I hope you don't see this until I visit you!)

This is from 2006...

I made something this weekend for my mom and came to a sad realization... I don't have nearly enough pictures of me and my mom. And then when I asked my dad to look, he wasn't able to find many of us (5) kids and our mom either.  She was always the one taking pictures or were just mean kids. Probably both... But I can definitely see how it happens.  As a photographer myself I'm always behind the lens and it's usually shawn and the boys, or just the boys... Not many of me and my babies either.  #gottachangethat!

So, before I show you the project I made for my mom, and the two cards, I just want to say how much I love my mom! She has been married to my dad for over 45 years, raised 5 kids and her 12th and 13th grand babies are on the way.  She's been a seamstress, daycare lady, church secretary, stampin up demo, and Sunday school teacher.  The house always smells yummy, she gives the best hugs and (only) she can kick my butt at boggle.  We've had our fights and our laughs but I never thought I'd see her as a best friend until I moved away in the military and realized all she's done.  Now that I am a mom myself, there is no one else I'd rather emulate than her.  She's an amazing mom who always loves us, no matter if were a joy or the mean kids that have no pictures with her... Love you mom!!
(And as for my mother in law... Couldn't have picked a better one! You love God and your family and you truly are an amazing mom!)

So here is my project. (To be filled with pictures!) I'm planning on putting each of us 5 kids on each page, and then a baby picture on the inside pull out pocket.  My dad sent me some but I didn't get them printed yet.  (Erica Cerwin is where I got the idea..)

And here is the card I made my mom. I used one of my favorite sets - fifth avenue floral.  It's been retired for a long time but I love it too much for it to collect dust. I usually don't do so much layering on the inside either, but I adore Teneale Williams' cards and all her layering/details... You can look her site up too. She is a great SU demo from Australia.

Fringed leaves made with paper snips...

And here is my mother in laws card.  

I hope all the mothers reading had a great Mother's Day.  I pray for those who yearn to be a mom and are waiting for God's timing.  My best friend and her husband are waiting to have a child placed with them.  I can't wait til she gets the call that she'll be a mom! 

Oh, and here's my gifts from my boys (and husband). :) 

Love my boys :) thanks for stopping by!