Saturday, October 12, 2013

Can I get a break?

:) it's only my fault that I'm tired, because I have a hard time saying no! I've done 4 photo shoots in 3 weeks, I have one in the morning and I still have to prep for 2 craft fairs coming up.  Not to mention, I totally forgot I said I'd make cookies for our church's bake sale... Oh geez

Either way, I want to share my latest photo shoot with my fans.  This is baby Kai and he was the most perfect baby to photograph to date :)

And I will leave you with one stampin up product :) still think its missing something.. Maybe a rhinestone?

Hope you all a great weekend! 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

World card making day... Take two!

For some reason my entire post was "publishing" for the last 24 hours and never went through. So, no, today is not world card making day--it was yesterday. I dont feel like writing it all again either..

I had my yard sale yesterday so I woke up super early to make a few extra cards to try and sell.  And I'm glad I did! They were lined around my block for the yard sale! Said no one ever..... No, they werent..but I wish! I had one lady "touch" the box of cards, but didn't even look through them. And I only sold 2 ink pads and a stamp set. Both to kids under 6. Lol, oh well! Guess I'll just plant that stampin seed young :)

Here are the cards I made for WORLD CARD MAKING DAY :)

And I think a card can be 3D too! Don't you?
I'll be making these coffee boxes for my booth at an upcoming craft fair. I scored big at our base commissary! They had an 80oz (5lb bag??) of coffee regularly $38, on sale for $8! Perfect timing for me :)

Also received this in the mail yesterday. 
I won first place for the in with you design contest .. Remember my Banner Blessings set? Yep, that'll be available soon through Stampin Up!! :) all glory to God! (And thanks for voting!). If you haven't seen Doris D's winning Monstermaniacs set, you're in for a treat! Didn't mind losing to her that round. Cute stuff! :)

Hope you have a great week!