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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dad's day!

Oh my.. lets not even mention that tomorrow is Father's Day.  these are the cards I made for my fathers... Yesterday.. Never on time, but hey, I'm pregnant! (I can't use that excuse much longer!)

I originally made the deer card for my dad and the goose one for my father in law.  Both are hunters, but apparently my husband thinks I ALWAYS give my dad the deer themed ones and my father in law the waterfowl/fishing ones. So I switched them out.  It's probably true, but I guess when ya live in Minnesota I'm going to assume you like the waterfowl.  My husband said his dad doesn't even duck hunt. Or goose hunt in this matter... Oh well.  :)

I think they'll both like their cards :)
Marv, thanks for being a wonderful father in law and raising a great son for me to call my husband!  You always put up with my jokes even though sometimes I think you can't handle it :) I love ya!

And dad - you already know how awesome you are.  Thank you for answering the call to ministry and being a man of God. I'm so glad I was raised in the church and know where to turn when I need reassurance.  You love Christ, mom, your 5 kids, and 13 grand kids and we love you too! Not to mention you make the worlds best burgers :) thanks for everything! You're my rock!

      **note the steeler garb in EVERY picture** haha!

Now, off to make my husband a Father's Day card! :) happy Saturday friends!

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