Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Play time!

I got some new stuff today and could hardly wait to play with it all! Sadly I realized a few things.  1- it took me over 1.5 hours making this card... 2-half of that time was wasted on looking for my tape, scissors, scraps, etc... 3-my little man was too tired to wait until I was done. And lastly 4-I think tomorrow i'll be CLEANING THIS ROOM! Do I need to even mention that I need my craft table back? 

Anyway, heres what i made using the new thinlits and the envelope punch. Enjoy!

Little Eli...


Cool thing is, I can literally clean that all in 15 minutes!!

See you tmrw!

1 comment:

  1. my table looks like that when I get done with a project.
    How fun! Looks like your helper is tuckered out!
    sherrill graff