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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stamping with the Boys

Today Shawn turned 32 and we had plans of having a nice day with our friends celebrating but unfortunately I woke up this morning with a kidney stone.  My card isn't made, cake isn't made and the pot roast will have to wait until later.  Shawn works Sunday mornings so I called my friend Jess and she came to the rescue.  She had to teach Sunday school but was wiling to come over to help with the boys this morning.  Shawn was able to get off work early too and was able to go to churc for the 2nd time in a year... 

So, I'm glad I planned ahead some.  Yesterday Eli and I sat down to make a card for his dad.  Eli and I haven't stamped together for awhile and he was really excited to play.  We picked out the rock background for the Adventure Bound DSP and the Dear Heart stamp set.  

He's a quick stamper :) 

Eli loves the big shot! 

Here's the finished card -- three blonde, blue eyed boys.  Eli did a fantastic job coloring!

Thanks for stopping by! If the post doesn't quite make sense, we can blame it on the painkillers! Hehe! 

Back to bed!

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