Monday, December 22, 2014

Sunday School Gifts and Reindeer Games

Eli had a fun time making his Sunday school friends their gifts. I ordered these sixlets for the craft show and they never came.  Since I already had the reindeer made, I ordered some more last week off amazon.  They were perfect for his Sunday school and Preschool friends.  Here he is counting 19 sixlets :)

The extras for my husband.  He loves sixlets!

I really enjoyed making the teachers their gifts too! I finally figured out how to attach the ribbon so it doesn't have to slide off every time you open the gift card holder.  These were made with the envelope punch board. 

His teachers loved them :) makes it worth the late night stamping!

Now for my favorite project I have made all month!  I had a lot of fun making this! I sure hope my father in law likes it because it was hard to give away :) Plus, I had to convince my husband to share his jerky. :) **note: there IS a picture of my husband and his deer at the end of the post in case you love Bambi**. 

Aren't these chevron treat bags adorable?! Easy to stamp too!

The Rudolph I made with the owl punch (thanks to my friend Megan for letting me borrow it!) and the antlers were made with the bird punch.  The Rudolph Jerky pieces were made using the alphabet rotary stamp.  This was another great item that I purchased from the Black Friday weeklong deals.  I just "dialed" the letters and voila! :)

These would be great to make for the guys in your life.  Obviously, it doesn't have to be a deer - go buy it at the store and repackage it! :) 

Here is Shawn's 6pt buck.  Proud wife here <3 but it was quite an interesting day.  I actually had to drop Eli off at preschool early and the other boys off at the neighbors so I could help my husband in the woods.  Let's just say they're heavy and not easy to drag through the woods and pick up and put in a jeep.  

Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas! 


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