Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving... a little late

So, as always, I'm a tad behind on my blog posts.  Is it any wonder that I'm so far behind on  scrapbooks for my kiddos? :) But, better late than never right?

This was our first thanksgiving out of the military.  While we were in the military, on average we hosted 2 families each year.  This year was a little quieter - my brother in law Corey came in from Minnesota to visit.  Shawn had to work in the late evening so we had an early meal and quiet day.  Wednesday I made two pies - apple and pumpkin.  My husband didn't want apple yet he ate more leftovers than I did.  Partly because an eighth of the pie was about 580 calories! haha... but they don't count during the holidays right?  right...

Anyway, the only crafty prep I did for Thanksgiving was actually done on Thanksgiving day.  I was up late feeding Sammy and found this cute idea on Instagram.  All it took was some brown paper bags, twine and some diecuts.  Easy peasy - and for sure a repeat next year.



Pretty cute, huh?

Uncle Corey snapped a picture before Shawn went to work. 

credit to my mom who taught her 4 daughters the love of baking <3 

It was a beautiful day filled with many blessings and calories.  I pray your year has been blessed too! 

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