Monday, December 22, 2014

Time to wrap things up!

We're officially here - the week of Christmas! I don't know about you, but this year seems busier than normal and I really thought I was on top of things.  I had most of the shopping and wrapping done by the first week with the intentions of spending more time with the boys and really just relax.    Unfortunately, with the craft show and "life", we haven't relaxed much. 

Seems like every year we ship gifts somewhere.  Even though we are out of the military, we still aren't near either family.  I'm so thankful for flat rate boxes :) these are my Minnesota families gifts - I chose to go all out this year with wrapping in SU ribbon and paper because I know my crafty MIL and sister-in-law will appreciate it! (Plus, they can keep the stuff to use on their cards) :) win win!

So for those of you yet to wrap gifts, here are a few special and unique gift-wrapping ideas.  Tags are so fun to make! The possibilities are endless.  If you need even MORE amazing ideas, google the SU artisan team. They just made a tag blog hop and their tags are so awesome! Maybe someday I'll be doing the same blog hops with those talented ladies :)  

Homemade cookies <3

My sister-in-law probably won't see this by Christmas... But, if you're reading this, you're obviously getting a scarf Brooke, hehe!

I hope you enjoyed these photos and I sparked some creativity for you!  I pray that everyone reading this finds peace today in Him!  With of all of the commercialization of Christmas and this feeling that we need more stuff... We miss the peace we need the most. The peace that was born in a stable.  

Merry Christmas!! 

- Holly

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