Sunday, July 17, 2016

You're As Old As...

I have had a busy past few days.  My father-in-law Marv just turned 60 last week and we celebrated his birthday yesterday with friends and family.  Because I love to bake, I volunteered to make him a cake and some cupcakes.  I made 120 but only ended up bringing 24 home.  I have my Stamp & Snack class tomorrow so I won't have to eat them all! :)

But I wanted to share a few pictures of the cupcakes in addition to the card I made for Marv.

This was my Friday night - thankfully, my husband took the older 2 boys out while I baked.  And I mean that I didn't have to share the beaters! :)

Here they are all finished and ready to eat! There are Carrot Cake/Cream Cheese icing, Chocolate/Kahlua icing, Funfetti/Buttercream, Banana/Peanut Butter icing (we call them "Elvis" cupcakes) and Chocolate/Peanut Butter icing.  Marv requested a special chocolate cake (with coffee in the cake) and a buttercream icing.

I really do have a great father-in-law.  He has a fun personality, so I wanted to do something funny for him. 

 Our 5yo said "that's not very nice to say"... someday he'll understand.  And yes... that really is dirt.

We had a great time and he really enjoyed the cakes and card!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday - make sure to come back tomorrow for the Stamp Review Crew's latest.


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