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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December Birthday Hop! My Favorite Birthday Cards of 2017!

Welcome to a very special hop!  My birthday is a in a few days and I've gathered with some stamping friends to help celebrate birthdays and December in general!  If you came from Charlet, thanks for continuing on to me! (Make sure to head back quick and tell her congrats on making the Artisan Design Team!)

Now to be honest... life has not been very fun the last few days.  Our 3yo son has been very sick with strep, double ear infection and a viral condition on his tongue that has caused him so much pain that he's having a hard time eating and drinking.  He spent a day in the hospital to get rehydrated.  It's so hard to see your kids sick :( Needless to say, I did not get around to making a special card for this hop.

So my dear friend Kelly Kent that we are hopping with today suggested that I share some of my favorite birthday cards that I have made in 2017.  I thought that was a great idea (and a great save!)

So I will share some of my favorite birthday cards that I have made this year.  I will be sharing the stamp set title only but feel free to comment with any questions and I'd be happy to help!

Big On Birthdays (142877)

Five for All (143781 - 143784)

Happy Celebrations (143012)

Happy Birthday Gorgeous (143662)

Five for All (143781 - 143784) and Mixed Drinks (141928)

Merry Little Labels (144798 - 144795) and Birthday Delivery (143660)

Five for All

Quirky Critters (143697 - 144761)

Special Celebrations (143882 - 143885) and Blooms & Wishes (141784)

Magical Mermaid (144014 - 144017)

Country Livin' (141922 - 141925)

Country Livin' and Glamper Greetings (142202)

I hope this gives you great inspiration for birthday cards!

Before you go, I'd love to know what your favorite birthday cake flavor is.  I used to request Peanut Butter Pie until I discovered that my husband makes the BEST Carrot Cake!  mmmm.. I can almost taste it!  Only six more days...

Thanks for hopping along with me!  Next up is the lovely Janneke de Jong!

(birthday) Blessings,


  1. What a great idea!
    You have made so many beautiful cards!
    Greetings from Germany and fast recovery to your little man.

  2. Wonderful collection of work, Holly. I hope the little guy is well soon.

  3. Oh wow, so many beautiful cards! Great collection of birthday projects! Hope that you son is feeling much better soon, I have one home sick today too. :(

  4. And these were just your favorites, huh. ;)
    Amazing work, all of them. And I must confess, I CASed your beer card right after I saw it the first time.
    Here is hoping for a speedy recovery for ALL of your sick kids, and a healthy birthday for you :)

  5. I do love carrot cake... but my favorite has always been yellow cake with chocolate frosting! Thanks so much for sharing all these gorgeous cards with us! I hope your kiddos get better really soon, and that you can get some rest so you don't catch it too! Happy early birthday and thanks for celebrating with me in the hop!!

  6. Love all your gorgeous creations Holly - great to see them all together! Hope everyone is back to full health and you can all enjoy the Christmas fun! Kelly x